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Flexible Placements

Discover, Teach, Learn

Atova Flexible Placements in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Journey to Sumatra: Ignite Inspiration, Embrace Adventure, and Foster a Greener Tomorrow.

Duration - Flexible | Limited Availability


Embark on a Tailored Journey with ATOVA's Flexible Placements

Dive into a world of meaningful impact with the adaptability of ATOVA's Flexible Placements. Designed for those who seek to contribute to our mission on their own schedule, these placements offer a unique blend of structured contribution and personal freedom. Whether you can't commit to our traditional 6-week ATOVA Citizen Service placement or simply desire a more individualized volunteering experience, our Flexible Placements mold to fit your life, not the other way around.


Dates & Fees

1. Courage.png

Tiger Group


Available Dates: 

22nd January 2024 - 8th March 2024

Minimum Duration 1 Week

Fees: £400 per week.

[>4 weeks £300 per week]

3. Discipline.png

Elephant Group


Available Dates: 

15th March 2024 - 17th May 2024

Minimum Duration 1 Week

Fees: £400 per week.

[>4 weeks £300 per week]

7. Selfless Commitment.png

Gecko Group


Available Dates: 

30th Sept 2024 - 13th Dec 2024

Minimum Duration 1 Week

Fees: £400 per week.

[>4 weeks £300 per week]



The Empowerment Through Education program is ATOVA International's dedicated initiative to bring English language skills to the heart of Sumatran communities. Focused on English as a second language, this program invites volunteers to become catalysts for change, providing valuable teaching to children and adults alike. Through structured lessons and interactive learning environments, volunteers help unlock new opportunities for the local people, bridging cultural gaps and opening doors to global communication. By enhancing linguistic abilities, volunteers empower students to access broader educational resources, participate in international dialogues, and secure a more prosperous future. This program is not just about teaching English; it's about inspiring confidence and fostering a world of possibilities for the vibrant communities of Sumatra.


The ATOVA Ranger Training Corps is an immersive program designed for volunteers passionate about wildlife conservation and eager to take on the challenge of preserving Sumatra's rich ecosystems. As part of this hands-on experience, volunteers receive training alongside our Junior Rangers, learning skills in navigation, data collection, and habitat management. This placement offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the protection of endangered species while gaining a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship. Volunteers become part of the frontline efforts to safeguard the future of the rainforest and its inhabitants, embodying the spirit of conservation in every action they take. Join us to make a meaningful difference and become a Junior Ranger today!

Choose Your Focus: 

While we consider volunteer preferences for education or conservation, ATOVA International prioritizes our students' needs and the needs of the local communities, and therefore, specific experiences cannot be guaranteed.

Placement Highlights:

  • Diverse Impact Opportunities: Choose from hands-on conservation efforts to transformative English teaching roles in vibrant Sumatran communities.

  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich heritage of North Sumatra, living and working alongside locals for authentic cultural exchange. 

  • Professional Training: Receive specialized training in environmental conservation or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) methodologies. 

  • Community Engagement: Foster lasting relationshiops by contributing to the well-being and growth of local communities through education and environmental stewardship. 

  • Wildlife Encounters: Participate in conservation activities in habitats home to Orangutans, Tigers, Elephants and other endangered species. 

  • Language Skills: Help break down communication barriers by teaching English, opening new opportunities for students. 

  • Adventure & Exploration: Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Sumatra, from dense rainforests to volcanic lakes. 

  • Skill Development: Enhance your leadership, teaching, and conservation skills in challenging and rewarding environments. 

  • Sustainable Practices: Learn and contribute to sustainable living practices that protect natural resources and promote ecological balance. 

  • Global Network: Join a network of international volunteers committed to making a positive impact and forge friendships that span the globe and last a lifetime!