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ATOVA is not just a job, its a lifestyle, we are dedicated to providing our employees with a culture of inclusiveness, growth and inspiration by providing next level benefits to our staff. Our mission is not just to save our Earth through environmental conservation & sustainable development programs, but to invest in the people doing the saving. We work hard to achieve our goal of becoming one of the best employers in the development sector. But don't take our word for it.. just look at what's on offer! 

Program Leaders in Lake Toba

"Working at ATOVA your exposed to amazing people & great thinkers!"

At ATOVA we are surrounded by smart, driven people who provide an excellent environment for learning. Not only through outstanding training and development workshops but also through working with passionate and awesome colleagues! 

"I've worked at several other charities and NGOs and have never been more challenged and energized professionally from my colleagues than at ATOVA. People are genuinely happy to work here, they come from diverse backgrounds, and almost always have an interesting story to share!"

"The free food and drinks is a definite bonus!"

Atovans are extremely well fed, getting healthy and varied breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if they stay late; for free. There is also coffee and fresh fruit juice available on base. 

One Atovan commented that they loved the food benefits because, "it saves me time and money, and helps me build relationships with my colleagues". 

Traditional Food
Paddy field

"Travel, Travel & Travel!"

As an Atovan, you get the opportunity to travel a lot! Anywhere where ATOVA is working, or anywhere where ATOVA may be working in the future can be travelled to, during all sorts of work roles. The more you progress through the structure the more you get to travel, and with multiple countries on the horizon for this charity, the sky really is the limit on travel opportunities once you join the Tribe! 

Employees get free fitness classes! & Health Insurance is covered!

At ATOVA Every field base offers its own free fitness classes for all Tribe members what's more, with showers on site employees can let of some steam by heading out for a run in their lunch break. 

Every Atovan is encouraged to exercise on a regular basis as part of our Three elements, caring for the body is important to us. That's why we offer a range of bonus's for those who excel in personal fitness and healthy living. 

Exercise classes in jungle.jpg

Nurul Utami - Program Leader

"Atova has honestly changed my life!"

"ATOVA is so much more than just a job. It's a family! It has given me the opportunity to completely change my circumstances and to do it honestly through hard work, whilst working towards a cause that is so much bigger than myself. 

For the first time in my life I feel completely accepted, Everyone here is amazing and it really doesn't feel like work. 

It sounds cheesy but, Atova has honestly changed my life! "

Nurul Oakes
Pregnant Woman & Partner

New parents get the break they deserve.

It's typical for mothers to get time off from work for up to six weeks after having a child, but at ATOVA its another story. New dads receive 6 weeks paid leave, and mums can take 12 weeks fully paid. 

What's more, we know how hard it can be to be a mum and a professional, that's why we offer a whole range of support systems in place to give you the freedom and support you need. 

"ATOVA's Growth days are unique refreshing and inspiring!"

At ATOVA we have a passion for helping you find yours, that's why Atovans work four days a week on their primary job, and one Friday Month is our 'Growth Day where we host a range of team building, educational and informative activities, during these growth days employees are encouraged to work on 'passion projects' that they believe will help ATOVA as a whole. 


ATOVANs are encouraged to read

We believe that knowledge is power, and that's why every Field Base has a reading room at for employees to learn new skills, brush up on old ones or just read a great story. 

Book shares are available in every Hub and Atovans are encouraged to conduct their own research in related areas to maintain and improve their understanding and level of professionalism. Many Atovans even choose to write academic papers relating to the work they are doing in conservation and education.

And keep on learning!

The culture here at ATOVA is incredibly open to sharing of knowledge and ideas, so if you spend your time constructively whilst you are here,  you can really learn a lot. 

ATOVA organises talks and presentations with conservationists, activists and leaders in their fields to come and talk to staff during our Growth days so there is always something new and interesting to learn. 

What's more once you progress to the rank of Program Leader, ATOVA supports you through higher education and degree level study in relevant fields online whilst you work. 

Digital Nomad

Reni Pelawi - Program Leader

"Atova has come to make my biggest dream come true!"

"Atova is a great gift for all creatures. This is the greatest manifestation of compassion for others. By helping others to develop understanding, empathy and compassion for each other and for the natural world, we work to help people realise their own potential. 

Atova is a place where like minded forward thinkers come together to consider the development of a better world. If you want to grow as a person and as a professional, all whilst doing good for others, this is the place."

Renita Pelawi

"The fact that we get annual Adventure Training provided by the charity is next level awesome!"

Every year Each ATOVA Field Base team heads out on some 'AT' or adventure training. One year you could be climbing an active volcano, the next on an expedition into the Tropical Rainforest, or heading out onto the open waters on a kayaking adventure. 

We believe in the power of pushing ourselves and how only through stepping out of our comfort zones can we truly realize our potential. 

Once an ATOVAN always an ATOVAN!

Unlike conventional Charities and Not For Profits, ATOVA has a rank structure. That's right, you heard us! Once you are an ATOVAN there is no limit to where your career can take you, if you start with us as a Team Member working as a caretaker, cook or cleaner, there are absolutely no barriers to you working your way all the way up to running your own Field Base one day, or even beyond! 

Here at ATOVA we are a meritocracy, we reward hard work and high performers, this can sometimes be in the form of a promotion! 

Kids and staff in school

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