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Breakfast at Jungle Campsite

A new breed of adventure...

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime!? 

But want to make an impact whilst you travel. 

Do you want to do your part in the fight against climate change, but don't know where or how to begin. 

Well look no further! ATOVA is here to help you achieve those goals, and so much more! 

Program Leaders in Lake Toba


The Volunteer Journey

Here at ATOVA we believe that every Human being on Earth has an innate potential to be a force for good. We are the spark which ignites that potential, and our volunteer journey will guide you to finding yours! 

Locally Driven, Collaborative Projects

All of our programs are designed in collaboration with local organizations and communities from day 1 to ensure that they are locally driven, and importantly, needed and wanted by the people and communities they are designed to serve.

Impact Reporting

We use a comprehensive set of monitoring and evaluation tools developed over decades to help us track, record and publish the impact of each of our programs. 

Respect for all. 

In all our actions we aim to respect the skills and efforts of all and seek to protect the rights, culture and dignity of everyone that works with ATOVA. 

Ethical & Sustainable Programs.

At ATOVA, we’re committed to applying the latest ethical best practices, informed by our team of expert advisors, in all our operations around the world. 

Your career will get a boost.

The high quality of training and work experience you will receive during your placement not only looks good on your resume, but will help with college and job applications too! What's more, you will receive a professional reference letter and certificate after you complete your placement! 

An authentic cultural exchange.

Experience life in rural North Sumatra. As a volunteer in ATOVA you will live in homestays alongside the local people, learning their culture, and experiencing life in Indonesia. We don't just do development, we live it, and you can too! 

Clear objectives & sustainable outcomes.

All of our programs are built around clearly defined short, medium and long term sustainable outcomes and objectives which guide us in our delivery. As a volunteer, you will work towards a 'Team Planning Tool' or TPT to achieve short term goals specific to your team, community and program. 

Travel Opportunities

Our programs operate in some of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth, making them perfect for anyone looking for a once in a lifetime adventure with a purpose! 

Meet new people. 

Here at ATOVA you will meet like minded, passionate and inspiring people from all over the world on your placement as well as working alongside local Indonesian volunteers to deliver your programs.

Clear roles and specialised training.

We aim to clearly define short-, mid-, and long-term objectives with sustainable outcomes for all our projects. As a volunteer, you will receive a team planning tool with clear and achievable outcomes for you and your team to achieve during your placement.



The Three Pillars

ATOVA Is far more than a charity, it's a state of mind. An awareness and awakening that is built around three pillars; The Body, The Mind & the Human Spirit.


Excellent Support & Safety.

Our operational health and safety standards ensure that we are compliant with British Standards 8848, a set of best practice guidelines for adventure tour providers outside the United Kingdom. 

You'll be part of the solution.

Our volunteers take the lead on delivering our climate and education solutions around the world, placing you as the volunteer at the very centre of everything we do! 

Our Commitment to change.

Since our beginning, ATOVA has worked alongside the United Nations to deliver the 17 sustainable development goals in all of our target communities. In fact, the programs you lead as volunteers work towards one or more of those goals. So you know your making a significant impact. 

Respect for wildlife. 

Many of our programs and communities are situated close to or within magnificent and biodiverse ecosystems. This means we can and do work in close proximity to endangered species of wild animal including the Orangutan, Tiger, Elephant, Sun-Bear, Leopard, Rhinoceros and many more. In order to keep ourselves and the animals safe we ensure that the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare are followed. 

Volunteer with us! 

Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience one of our life changing volunteer placements. It's time to realise your potential! 
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Our Philosophy

At ATOVA we are a values driven organisation, committed to the service of our people and our planet. 

Our Impact

Find out how our work impacts not only the natural world, and the communities we serve, but also our amazing volunteers! 
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