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Our Work

The Challenges

Following nearly half a decade of immersive ethnographic study in rural North Sumatra, Indonesia, our seasoned team has pinpointed five critical issues for sustained intervention: Extreme Poverty, Climate Change, Obesity & Malnutrition, Limited Access to Education, and Restricted Access to Clean Water. Initially, our efforts are concentrated on addressing two of these pivotal challenges.

Climate Change

Limited Access to Education

Forest Fires

Climate Change

Indonesia is home to the Leuser Ecosystem. One of the worlds most biodiverse tropical ecosystems on the planet and one of its largest carbon sinks. Indonesia is the 3rd largest emitter of CO2 in the world. 30% of those emissions originates from deforestation. 


Approximately 85 hectares of rainforest is destroyed every month through a combination of poverty fuelled illegal logging & greed fuelled palm oil developments.

Irresponsible production of palm oil has caused widespread rainforest destruction and wildlife loss, exacerbating the rete of species extinction and habitat loss to never before seen rates of destruction. 


Limited access to education

In Indonesia, the government provide free education for Primary and Secondary education. However, at the age of 15 when students enter high school, students are required to pay for their own education. This leads to significant drops in admissions to higher education. 

Additionally, due to cultural expectations, and gender roles, girls have a higher drop out rate at this age as they are expected to marry, have children and look after the household. 

Another factor impacting access to education is the distance from students' homes and the nearest high school, as well as access to sufficient means of transportation. Many people living in rural areas cannot access higher education because their villages are to remote and too far away from the nearest school. 


Our Solutions

In response to the pressing challenges identified in rural North Sumatra, ATOVA has developed two pioneering programs: the ATOVA Ranger Training Corps and the Empowerment Through Education Program. Each initiative is a cutting-edge, needs-based solution designed to address specific issues effectively. The ATOVA Ranger Training Corps targets environmental concerns and climate change through comprehensive conservation education and hands-on training, preparing individuals to become custodians of their natural heritage. Simultaneously, the Empowerment Through Education Program tackles the issues of limited educational access and the resultant poverty by providing inclusive, quality learning experiences aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge, and opportunities. Both programs embody our commitment to innovative, sustainable solutions for long-term community upliftment.


Ranger Training Corps

Empowerment Through Education Program


Ranger Training Corps

Within the distinctive 'Ranger Training Corps program' at ATOVA, we immerse young individuals in the realms of environmental and wildlife conservation, as well as the impacts of human-induced climate change. Far from a traditional, theory-focused education, our Youth Rangers gain practical knowledge through hands-on learning, working side by side with experienced rangers on expeditions into the heart of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Empowerment Through English Program

At ATOVA, we offer English as a Second Language education through a tailor-made ESL curriculum aimed at empowering youth to unlock higher education opportunities via English proficiency. These complimentary classes, facilitated by our dedicated staff and volunteers, are provided year-round at no cost to the participants.

Active Global Citizenship

Every program at ATOVA is designed to cultivate empathy, passion, and a commitment to protecting the natural environment within our volunteers. Participants embark on our unique 'Volunteer Journey,' a transformative path that guides them from being newcomers to becoming fully fledged Active Global Citizens. This journey is a profound personal and social development experience, enriching volunteers with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to make a lasting impact.

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